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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Rest and recovery

With chaos at work, its good to have a rest week in my training regime.

The certificates I've made up for the TRAC participants have been well received and now we're into final preparations for the Wellness Expo which happens on June 3rd at one campus and June 9th at mine.

On top of that, the renovations in the Physio room are having an increasing impact on our working life. Currently we work 50% of the time in the gym and the other 50% in the wards. Actually I like it when we're in the gym now as there are less people was becoming far too crowded. Very soon the lino on the floor is going to be changed and then we have to be out of the room totally for about 2 weeks. But despite all of this we are coping.. over the past 2 years we have become used to change.

As well as training and going over to a friends to make a load of disc wheel hole covers, I have a lap top problem to address. My lap top is second hand and has been in need of a new battery since I got it last year. Finally early this week I went to Battery World and ordered a new one and, following instructions, plugged it in overnight with the lap top turned off. The next morning it was obvious it hadn't charged and then I discovered that the old battery wouldn't work either even when plugged into the mains. Whoops! A return trip to the battery shop was made and was very civilised. Today I have to find out if the laptop is dead or just faking.......luckily I only use it when away from home and has nothing on it I haven't got elsewhere...

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