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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Moving day

Yesterday and today have been more about things at work than things at play.

The Physiotherapy gym is being refurbished and is to become the Orthopaedic and Aged Care Interdisciplinary therapy room with the old Occupational Therapy room to become the Neurological Interdisciplinary Therapy room. A shift from disciplines specific to "streams of care" specific areas. Note Interdisciplinary not Multidisciplinary.

On top of that, the admin areas of the rooms are to be the home for ALL disciplines..PT's OT's Speechies, Dietitians, Social Workers etc etc. So a biggish admin area has to be created within each therapy room and this week is when it is to happen (running waaaay late...'twas s'posed to be done over Easter).

Physio is up first and I am the onsite liaison for the Physios. My job yesterday was to ensure EVERYTHING was out of the current offices, kitchens and closeby storage rooms and stowed away elsewhere and also to help create an area where we can still work despite having builders in the room (although behind floor to ceiling plastic sheet barriers). It has not been easy. There has been an element of passive resistance from couple of people.... things not being taken away in time and then major dramas when they disappear into storage...that sort of thing. However the major headache was that every single computer and telephone connections was in the area to be barricaded off.

Then today the news was better and although all the expected barriers are in place, we can access one half of the old office area while work is going in the other half.....and suddenly life became easier. Such a shame that poor communication blights every part of our working lives. How much easier would yesterday have been if that small detail had been mentioned before we'd stripped the rooms!!!

These 2 pix are the same location with the lower one taken later on showing the see through part in case there's an emergency in the Hydrotherapy pool ( just visible on the left in the first one of these 2 pix).

My desk...the only one left of the perks of being the liaison!!

TRAC finale tomorrow..presentation night...hope I've not forgotten anything......!

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