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Friday, 1 May 2009

Post omnium week

By Wednesday I could just about contemplate doing something more than just surviving, but not much more! I was down to do 2 gym classes..Body Pump and Body Combat, but only stayed for one, as that was more than enough. During the lunch break earlier that day attended a meeting and later was asked "was I ok? 'cos I wasn't as chirpy as usual"! I explained just what I'd done on Sun (plus the usual explanation of how recovery is now slower for me) which elicited total understanding plus wonder and congrats.

Thursday I nearly fell asleep in an inservice at lunch time..soooo close! Then although the mind was not really ready, after work I forced myself onto the ergo and managed to almost complete the required session.(split infinitive!)

Today is just a cruisey 45 mins on the ergo which I'll do after work and then over the weekend I'll be dodging the rain drops to do some longer road sessions. The following weekend I'm off up to Wangaratta for the first of 8 or 9 TT's I'll be doing over the winter - it's taken a long time and lot of lobbying (aka nagging) to get some TT's happening in Victoria.

The course at Wang is pretty well dead flat apart from 2 artificial lumps as the road crosses over the highway. The area reminds me so much of where I grew up in the fens of Lincolnshire, the local council at that time was even called Holland CC as not only was the terrain dead flat but it also had the same system of dykes and raised roads and even had a thriving tulip growing industry.

Yesterday was the last day of TRAC and all(!) that is left now is the survey, the report writing, the presentation and the planning for the 2010 version!!! (groan). We've learned alot from the project, not only about how we set it up but more importantly how poor communicating via email is. The medium is fine for most, but in our organisation is just not working for nursing staff, engineering and domestic support staff. The concept that the internet will solve communication problems is just not correct.

So the next work project is a Wellness Expo for staff this June.


Buttsy said...

Good luck in the TT....I am still off the bike, am walking and will be doing an easy bike roll in the arvo tommorrow...(It was going to be today but my dog wanted a second 30 minute walk)....

You sound like you need sleep and to look after yourself and give yourself lotsof ...what is that thing again...???...oh thats it ....RECOVERY!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said... slow to occur. Frustrating.

Lost the rapid BBB bounce somewhere in my 50's