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Sunday, 3 May 2009

3.5hrs training yesterday

and for part of the ride we had no idea where we were. Following a bike trail is often hit and miss. Signage seems to be set out for people who already know the way. Lawrence and I were out for a 2-3hr ride and the general direction was south.

Actually right from the start it was an indecisive ride. Neither of us could decide where we wanted to go, when to stop for coffee and for a while, in the midst of nothingness with no landmarks and waaaay off our normal beat , we were 2 wherethefkrwe birds.
Eventually we got to Carrum, turned right and, hooning past Black Rock just kept going til South Melbourne. The one sorta decision we a coffee stop at B Rock, got squashed as I knew that, with a 3hr ride in my legs, once I stopped I'd not want to ride much further, so South Melb was the coffee/lunch spot followed by a slow grovel to Flinders Street and the train.

Then it was time for a Nanna nap

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