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Monday, 27 April 2009

The Omnium..can I recall the details? Hmmm

Retrieving the track bike from where I'd stowed it after the nationals was the first task, oh and the wheels and new chain rings etc. Was I really ready for this?

I got to DISC early expecting to have to sit in the car waiting , waiting like you do at Dunc Grey but no! CSV did us proud and with the event starting at 10, the track was open at 0730.

Many, many trips later as I'd pretty well brought the entire fridge, wardrobe, bike garage, I heaved myself onto the ergo to warm up. We think this is the first Masters omnium and so essentially we were flying blind but needed to follow the general principle of distances that the seniors do, so when a request was made to me to see if we could shorten our pursuit from 2000m to 1500m I was more than happy to take the request up to the Chief Commisaire. He consulted the rules and then made a few changes to the pursuit and the mass start race distances.

The order of play was as follows: Flying 200m, scratch, pursuit, points, time trial.

  • Now flying 200ms are something I haven't really bothered with and yes I do one occasionally after a warm up 50 laps at the start of a training session, but I've never taken much notice of how many laps you do before the effort. Thankfully I was last in my group so was able to watch and learn. I wasn't the slowest...maybe 5th out of 7??
  • Track mass start racing for me is another rarely visited experience although I'm getting to rather enjoy it as it takes me well out of my comfort zone and when racing with younger chicks I have to step up or get dropped. I've no idea about tactics and unless I get more practice that will always be a feature....once again 5th in the scratch (I think).
  • I did a 2' 13" for the 6 lapper pursuit
  • Fourth over the line in the points but with only 1 point scored another 5th.
  • However my TT time of 43.?seconds pulled me up to 4th overall. Strange that..TT time was not much less than my usual and there I was shattered after an exhausting day....maybe it was the fact that I used a bigger gear than my TT usual. I had decided to change as little as possible during the day so stuck with the same gear right the way through..the old faithful 52/15.
Changes I made during the day were only:
  • helmet as appropriate
  • bars as appropriate
  • front wheel..Zipp 808 (with road tyre on) for the mass start events and Mavic IO for the others. The only reason I did that was to protect the IO in case there was a crash.
I wonder what sort of training load that all equates to? Huge if my fatigue level is any indicator! I got home in time to watch most of the Biggest Loser and heat up some left overs but flaked out in the chair before I finished it...yup I was THAT tired!

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