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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Annual Leave Day 2

SUCH a good feeling knowing that I have a 10 day break.

Training yesterday was on the indoor trainer as most of the day was spent going up to Bendigo to pick up a pair of wheels and then to a furniture shop to pick up a corner cabinet I had paid for last week. It's actually meant to be for a TV, but I've ear marked it as a trophy cabinet for Alex's trophies as the current arrangement is more than somewhat over full. I might sneak some of mine onto it too though.

The track wheels I bought are just fantastic and were a very reasonable price too. Second hand but in perfect nick. And they are??...Mavic Disc and IO front wheel. I rode them today at DISC and they were super double plus good. I've been on the look out for a front wheel for a while as I've been making do with an ageing Corima but wasn't finding anything I liked. For my One Hour Record attempt I'd bought a Ghibli wheelset but didn't use the front disc and sold them straight after as I felt that, nice though the rear disc was, me having the wheelset was a waste. I'm also buying a 4 spoke front wheel for road TT's - I've got fed up of changing tyres. Its arrived and I just have to front up with the money..its a Xentis.

Training then. I'd bought 2 new Real Life Videos for the TACX Fortius: Alpine Challenge and Tour of Flanders. I'd chosen them specially as they featured areas I'd ridden Alpe d'Huez/Galibier and Oudenarde/Geraardsbergen area and so therefore not only was I going to get a good work out, but I could also re-live happy cycling memories.

So yesterday I rode the Tour of Flanders for all of 30 minutes..just in time to get up the first of the Hellingens. Today on the track I did 3 x 4 laps at pursuit race pace followed by 1 x 6 laps at race pace. Tomorrow Lawrence and I are going out on an easy peasy road ride before I pack the car.

Alex gave me a positive talking to last night, telling me I should not dwell on the fact that I'd not trained much due to feeling crap..more to think of it as a mega taper!!!

So off to Tassie overnight ferry trip, pick up Lawrence from the airport then off to our home for 4 days and check out the Silverdome, which is more than somewhat different from DISC and DGV as its 284m /lap instead of the standard 250m. I'm down for the TT, pursuit and scratch races...expecting nothing special...


Colin Griffiths said...

Phil told me today that "talent is permanent and fitness is temporary". I think that the you might also say "talent is permanent and lack of fitness is temporary". You've obviously got a grossly unfair ammount of talent so rid yourself of any negative thinking!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thank you Colin! now that's a comment I'm more than happy to publish!!

Buttsy said...

Good luck in Tassie, you will go well, but 284m is a bit weird.

We have hardly made it to the track and as much as I would love to be racing, work and study have taken priority.

You will be fine, and you may just surprise yourself, it is amazing what a little dose of racing adrenaline can do......expect the unexpected.


Now I am back to anatomy and physiology and DNA replication ------I'd rather be riding.

Buttsy said...

The Xentis wheels look very nice and very fast.....hope they are

Buttsy said...

Am I right in seeing that they grouped all of the women from WMAS3 - WMAS8 in the one pursuit - that is pathetic - seriously - I am sorry I didnt get to Tassie, but have had a lot of stuff happening - I saw the times and then I thought does that mean that you were racing against women 40+, that is just not fair and after travelling to Tassie and everything to compete - not fair!!!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Yeah..major problem for older women..I've had discussions about the subject. Poor turn up all round actually, only abt 100 riders.

Scratch was a blast though.. riding against WMA3 girls is different to say the least. Came in 6th out of 8 and VERY happy with that. My legs were about to fall off half way but carried on and never gave up.....can do no more