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Thursday, 26 March 2009

And even more up

The downhill slide seems to have halted and has even tilted upwards slightly..I did an early morning spin class today and managed to get to the end without carking it or barfing.

I travel over to Tasmania on Monday via the overnight ferry. My job is to take Lawrence's bikes,wheels and trainer plus a set of rollers for Lorraine and of course all my gear. Luckily I've got a big station wagon! We have a house that is all of four minutes from the track...bonus..we'll be able to nick home between races! The website for the event seems to have disappeared and we can't find any start lists...really weird.

I've found a set of track wheels that I rather like and so am about to drop some serious money this Saturday..better make sure I do them proud at the worlds..doubt they'll be starring this coming week at the Nats though.

Accreditation has been and gone today and all seemed fine. I heard they were VERY impressed with Wellness group and TRAC in particular so at least I can be happy about that. I have decided to ease off the committee component of my working day..I hate committees anyway..dictator that I am!!

I am SO looking forward to my week off.

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