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Sunday, 22 March 2009

On the Up

Add 2 very long sleeps to a very lazy Saturday and all of a sudden a glimmer of interest in getting back on the bike starts to be evident. So today I hopped onto the trainer for 45 minutes..the first ride since Tuesday. Nothing brilliant and I started to fade after about 25 minutes but that's cool. I chose the trainer rather than the road so I could control how long my ride was, I didn't want to end up far from home and needing to rest.

Hmm, what's brought all this on..low grade virus, too much stress at work, usual reaction to high end training, combination? Not sure, but added to the symptoms of sore throat, tummy upset, and fatigue I can also add the hint of a return of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). I think it might have been Tuesday when I lay down on the bed somewhat rapidly and thought I was about to flick into an attack of vertigo. I didn't but it was and still is lurking, ready to pounce.

When I got my 1 and only full blown episode of BPPV in 2007, I spoke to one of the doctors at work whose wife suffers from it, he told me that her symptoms came to the surface whenever she had pushed her energy levels well down. Sounds very familiar. You're never cured, you manage your balance by balancing your life.

3 staff members were in America for a 4 day training session on one of our highly expensive gizmos, the SMART Balance Master, which helps us diagnose and treat patients with balance issues. There is to be an inservice soon and I've offered to be a guinea pig since they will be able to demonstrate positive signs

I travel to Tasmania a week tomorrow on the overnight ferry. I'll leave the decision as to whether I race or not to the last moment..but rwhether I do or don't, it will be very good for me to be away from all responsibilites and stresses.

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