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Monday, 16 February 2009

Lazy Sunday

My training yesterday was a solid 8 mins on/2 off x 6 at ~200watts from Black Rock to Frankston. I would have preferred to have found a traffic-light free country road, but would have had to have travelled a long way to get clear of the smoke and so opted for sea breezes. The first 3 efforts were uninterrupted but the return journey was frustratingly syncopated.

With Alex racing a 6 hour enduro, Phil mending fences (literally not metaphorically) in the fire ravaged area around Marysville and Ben marooned in the time vortex that is Ikea, I had then no option but to go home and relax! Nothing quite so good as occasionally doing nothing .

Looking ahead to the World Masters Champs, we have discovered that the UCI have autocratically decided to eliminate the 30-34 age class and have added a 75+ class. I note also that the program for me goes Mon am - TT, Tues - Pursuit, Wed - Scratch and that's it, unless I want to contest the points. Why do they insist on putting the scratch the day after the pursuit?

This link is yesterday's map of the fire area to the north of where I live. Back burning and containment is now the main task with all alerts downgraded slightly. The blame game has now commenced with a class action being brought against the state gov and a private electrical company. Apparently the cause of one of the fires was a snapped electrical cable which was arcing, creating sparks and on the tinder dry/ windy 46+ degree day that was Saturday 7th it needs only 1 spark to = a firestorm.

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