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Monday, 16 February 2009

The Round Australia Challenge

TRAC week 1
Bottom left is Melbourne, top just out of shot is Brisbane and clustered between the 2 are the flags of most of the 81 teams that are involved in my project.

TRAC=a virtual journey around Oz via one's exercise (although only exercise that could conceivably take you on a journey is allowed).

81 teams of 4 giving a total of 324 staff members from a total of ~900..hey try and match that for uptake!!!

The real bragging rights will be in how many are there on April 30 at the end of the project.

The scoring system is: 40km for 1hr's worth of exercise and I acknowledge its unfairness since I can ride for 3hrs but couldn't possibly run for the same amount of time. However its a project for fun and to encourage staff to exercise, lose weight... although there are some very competitive teams out there. All know that I am monitoring the front runners for anomalies or typos in their claimed scores.

The first week's spot prize went to a lady who'd given up the coca cola for brekky and the non exercise life and had lost 3kg. This week in the absence of a nominated person, will be a random prize (pick a team number), next week will be picked from teams with people in who've started exercising cos of TRAC, the following from teams with only walkers in etc etc


Buttsy said...

You get 40km for one hour of exercise, now Liz how many Bridie O'Donnells and Michael Rogers do you have in this TRAC thing.....wish I could get 40km in 1hr

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

well it IS "virtual"! we reckoned that if each team member exercised on average 1hr /day, then at 40km/hr the team could just about circumnavigate the country in the 89 days the project lasts.......