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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Another aftermath

In the end the top temp chez Randall was 46.1..taken outside the south side back door..deep in the shade...god knows what it was in full sun..I didn't venture forth. The lower temp is the indoor one and on returning home later in the evening after the cool change, the top temp was 20 something the bottom indoor one was the same 33!

Last night bush fires abounded all around and in places that readers of this blog will have heard about...Yarra Glen in particular was surrounded and I suspect the most recent ride I did from there will be blackened when I next venture that way.

The temperature today is much kinder, in the 20's and I can stop worrying about my cats..."you can take the cat to water but you can't make it drink....." I was really concerned about skinny Flea last night..he was so uncharacteristically lethargic even when the cool change came through. Fat Pippi with the luxurious fur coat was fine and displayed an early return to gluttony.

To escape the heat we all went to the cinema and saw Valkyrie..don't bother is my crit, and braved Pancake Parlour cause for complaint this time!

Training today will again be at Beach Road 3 x 20 min paced efforts if the thunderstorms don't swamp me...


Buttsy said...

it was HOT, yesterday we rode 90km at 7am, and so missed the main heat of the day, but I was exhauisted for the rest of the day. When you do your paced efforts - how do you get paced? I rode a crit this morning which ended up being a 44min ITT as there were only 3 in my grade and we all alone after about the first two I have done my pace effort today, am dying to buy a TT bike, shopping at the moment, waiting for the right bike to come along.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi Judith..mostly I train paced efforts I just keep an eye on the SRM read out Occasionally my older son will pace me TTT style and even more occasionally I've been motor paced.

..pacing is a skill TT'ers just *have* to learn.

Today's efforts were of a "moderately hard" level so I kept a bit below threshold.