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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Somethings you just hafta share

44.6 degrees C currently and that's in the shade outside the laundry door ie on the south side away from the sun and that for you guys who've yet to modernise (!) is=111 degrees F

ah no ..just checked 45.3 C which is 113.5 F..a cool change is promised..sleep tonight will be a rarity..might go to work tomorrow (Sunday) in order to get into AC comfort

my house's carbon foot print is very low but at times like this I wish it wasn't. I went outdoors looking for the doubt wherever they are its the coolest place possible..perhaps under the house. Just a pity its not bigger so we could all get under there!

There are bush fires somewhere around as I can smell smoke..the wind is ferocious, which is creating major problems both for fire fighting but also for trees falling over in suburbia.

The trees are so stressed from long term lack of water that they are very vulnerable and recently its just like Autumn with the exotic/European trees shedding their leaves in an effort to stay alive. Eucalypts drop branches in these situations, so we have to be a bit careful where we park our cars at home..big garden many trees

Training was very early this am I rode into town via Beach road and caught the train home..2hrs 45 so that was ok and my last stop before getting home was the local milk bar for an ice cream and a drink.

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