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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Melburnians love cool changes.

The most requested thing at work yesterday and the day before was access to the weather web site to check on just how hot it was and then later on when the cool change was due to arrive. Generally speaking we know what sort of weather we can expect tomorrow by checking out Adelaide's weather today and again generally speaking the cool changes can be charted as it comes across rural Victoria from the west until finally it hits Melbourne. Yesterday it came in earlier than anticipated and we all rejoiced. Pffft! enough already!

Back home at 1730, my house the one with a small carbon footprint was still stinking hot with the retained heat of the last 2 days. so my first task was to open every window I could. Once the house cooled down enough (and I also put the fan on next to the ergo), I could contemplate training. So as Alex shot out of the place on his MTB, I settled down to 66 minutes(and counting) of ergo torture. The completion of the session saw me crusty with evaporated sweat and Alex daubed with mixture of dust and sweat.

I well recall the first time I was in an atmosphere so dry you ended up encrusted in was while orienteering in Killawarra Forest near Wangaratta..I had to ask what was the crusty stuff on my face! I'd never experienced that in England despite the years of sport played there.

TRAC (The Round Aus Challenge) continues to be a major factor in my life. Yesterday I had two responses to my plea for assistance and now have a few spot prizes of a shoe nature to hand out. We also took our 49th team entry. I'm now upping my estimation to 55 teams starting. I'm going to have to take a day off clinical work to man the phones and apply the pressure a bit..I'm firmly of the opinion that its the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

The Wellness group is also organising exercise sessions at a local gym so I'm about to do Body Pump alongside 25 other equally stupid colleagues.....5 classes at $20 is a snip but the stupid part/downside is that it starts at 0630!

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