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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Help! I'm being consumed alive!

2 weeks to go to the launch

57 teams ie 228 people but with no cap on how many or when they can join in...who knows what the final number will be.
Already in place we have an enormous map of Oz plus looong pins which are being changed into flags via a dymo labeller

Our Sponsors:
so far we have:
  • bags, bottle and pens
  • free pr shoes
  • 5 vouchers for $25 and 1 x $50 off pr of shoes
  • fitness magazines
  • cinema tickets
  • health bars
  • ?sports towels
  • caps (we're buying them)
  • pedometers

I am still trying to source:
  • sachets of sunscreen
  • wrist bands
  • lip salve
  • exercise book to be a log book
but may have to end up digging into the budget

The launch lunches are going to be HUGE..and expensive ( ~$2000 all up I reckon)..virtually everyone is attending..ah! the lure of a free lunch is timeless and predictable.

The General Manager now wants to find a conference where we can present this....I pass on that bit of exquisite agony..someone else can have the pleasure.

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