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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hot weather and my work project.

First real heat of the summer and I immediately turn from being keen on getting out on my bike to a tub of melting lard immobile in front of the TV. Doesn't seem to matter how long I live in this country it appears I'll always be a pathetic Pom WRT to degrees C.

Hey! in this heat I even go to work early and stay late in order to remain in air conditioned family is very good about carbon foot prints but there are times when I wish we weren't. I was going to get out and spin the legs around early today, but I don't sleep well when the night temp is up and the cat disturbed my sleep by jumping through the open window and walking all over me. End result... my enthusiasm has gone south.

The TRAC work project has taken on a life of its own..its turned into something out of a science fiction story..consuming all along its path! Out of a work force of ~900 so far we have 44 teams of 4 and I envisage that by the time it actually starts we might get to 50 the maths. My small team of 5 is being swamped by the task, so when the Health Information Manager offered her help in creating an excel file to be used as a training log and not only that but would also receive all the teams' weekly logs for the duration of the challenge, I celebrated. Her team will definitely be rewarded with some bonus kms. I'm also planning on giving a reward of bonus kms to the best team name.

My place of work is the sub-acute section of a very large health network with 3 huge acute hospitals. Health networks tend to be dominated by the acute hospitals, so when staff from those campuses eye our wellness program with envy and try to sneak into our projects, we know we're onto a good thing. Yesterday I bought the biggest map of Australia I could find and at 126x140 it is big. The next task is to make up the flags..I've got some wicked looking very long pins so with Avery labels and fancy dymo labelling tape, that's who can I dob in to do that?

Finding stuff to put in the as yet non existent show bags is taking me out of my comfort zone but we're getting there. Like I said in an earlier post this is really re-energising me at work..this is definitely NOT same old same old.

Maybe in my next life I'll be a project officer....maybe that's actually what I am right now.


Buttsy said...

Still busy I see, and hopefully good karma, wish we could help with the showbags but unfortunately cant...unless a couple of triangle bandages and a trauma teddy are considered worthy....some of the hand knited trauma teddies are quite cute...and some will give you nightmares, not like your cat jumping on the bed though

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

tnx Judith..I'm not sure trauma teddies would be quite the thing!..mind you triangular bandages always seem to be at a premium here!

Anyhoo..cooler this evening so I hauled myself onto the bike...

Buttsy said...

I did a windtrainer session last night 7 x 5 mins at a cadence of 110-120 at A/T - Mind you I was about 8 bpm above was a very sweaty workout and I feel fatigued today....I did drink over two bidons in the hour and 15 I was on the trainer.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

what an animal!..that sounds hard work