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Monday, 12 January 2009

DOH! aka Bad Karma

1. why is whenever something drops out of my bag/pocket/hand it always has to be my phone? Do all my phones have a death wish? is there such a thing as bad phone karma?
2. why is it that every bag I have is black with a black inside and my phone, wallet and everything else I keep there are also black? is there such a thing as bad bag karma
3. why is it that whenever I reluctantly go to a shopping centre I'm unfamiliar with, that the shop I'm wanting is always at the very furthest end from where I'm parked? what about bad shopping centre karma?
4. why is it that when I go to a bread shop in that shopping mall I can't find my black wallet in my black bag and I assume I've left it in the car.. or bad wallet/bag karma?
5. and finally how come I'm beginning to act like some of my more confused patients as exampled by yesterday's shopping in the above never-to-be-visited-again shopping centre. Not only do I suffer the embarrassment of having to ask the toddler behind the counter to put the bread back since I can't pay for it, but when I finally get I get into the aforementioned shop at the far end of the very long shopping centre that is swarming with people and look for the book I want, I instantly forget the author's name except that the initials are CB. Then buying the only book by CB that 's there cos the blurb sounds interesting go home and discover that the CB I was looking for was actually Carmel Bird and what I've got is a book by Carol Birch.

As the Dec SMS said..Happy Easter. Well ok it was hot and I was tired and hypoxic after a hard workout...and I HATE crowds.

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Buttsy said...

Liz, now I think you need to go outside, take a deep breath and relax....see "bad karma" happens to people who try to fit three days worth of stuff into the one is not bad karma, it is called, planning, remaining calm and well if I were you I would buy a different color bag or phone.....when my karma begins to go bad, I sit down and write a list of what I have to do and plan about five days ahead and the magic happens and things go well (for at least those five days anyway)