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Saturday, 17 January 2009

DOMS, training, TRAC and Flea's latest

Delayed onset muscle stiffness.
As part of our Wellness project at work we are providing subsidised exercise classes at a local gym. Before Christmas it was a spin class, this time round we're offering Body Pump, Body Balance and Body Combat. We need 26 victims(!) to be viable and so in order to get the numbers up, I joined in the Pump class . The class was at 0630..this last Thursday 0630 and right now its Saturday 0630 and I'm still suffering! Actually I was feeling it late Thursday so not too much of the DOMS more like SOMS (sudden).

There's nothing our patients and other staff like as much as seeing a Physiotherapist in pain. And there were quite few of us groaning around the place on Friday..groaning and limping and struggling to bend down and walking really oddly especially up and down the ramps. We were the butt of many a grin and a joke. Actually I felt like one of my neurological patients..lacking in co-ordination and unable to control the last part of knee extension.

I think I might just have to donate the rest of my $20 to the cause...I'm not sure my geriatric muscles can deal with weights so soon after getting out of bed. I was s'posed to do some TT training today, but have had to change things around..quads just too sore to manage a lengthy effort.

today's offering on the killing field was a rat...yeeetch!

TRAC project...58 teams...over 25% staff involvement. I have stripped the local "Spotlight" shop of long pins for the map flags and need to find another similar shop. More sponsors coming on board. Rooms and food booked for the launch. Teams logs going onto the hard drive (IT fixed that for us). Team names getting better and fav is the offering from a team of podiatrists and continence specialists..."Footloose". I'm lessening my clinical load for a week or two...too much going on..brain beginning to fry. It's already bigger than Ben Hur.


Penny said...

Hi Liz.
A big EWWWW at Flea's most recent killing! It reminds me when I was saying at my mum's cousin's place while in Sydney last year ... and she woke up early to go to her spin class (as instructor) and was this " " close to standing on a dead rat that one of her cats had caught during the night!
As for the TRAC teams ... 58 teams is massive!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi Penny! we're just very grateful Flea leaves his offerings in the kitchen. Years ago my younger son Ben woke up to find a bit of possum on his bed that our previous cat, Brutus, had wanted to share with him.....