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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

hot hot hot

40 degrees at 2pm but thankfully I was at work in air conditioned comfort. Even so it wasn't totally comfortable and staff were wimpering.."I wanna go home"..then "no I don't it'll be even worse outside"

I organised my training today with an eye on the weather and so was at the velodrome very very early....6am in fact.just line lapping to recall track riding was like.

Then over to Ben's house to give him a load of tyres, saddles, shoes and bars for donating to charity...apparently there's a guy in Melbourne who builds up bikes for the needy.

Finally I rolled up at work ready for an 8 hour day..4 being a Physio followed by 4 being a project officer. We now have 63 teams for TRAC, have got more stuff for the show bags..sun screen and muesli bars, then we've also scored a watch as a prize and a whole heap of other goodies from another shoe firm. I've sent out a list to the team contacts of exactly what exercise is acceptable and what is not. I've invited comment about this and have received it! I'm beginning to have nightmares about whether or not I've ordered enough food for the launch lunches.

Tomorrow is a lay day and then back on the velodrome on Thursday

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