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Sunday, 25 January 2009

beautiful weather again and TRAC

Yesterday's ride was on the turbo as the wind was up again and it even rained for a while. I opted to do the virtual reality type ride..43km long and my opponents were me and me(!)from my previous attempts at the ride. The first try had been with the steering set at "on" which made me slower for two reasons..I kept crashing going downhill and my virtual opponent had very bad racing manners and we kept colliding or rather he kept getting in my way..I was, of course, riding a straight line(?!)

Anyhow I killed me, beating my two rides by 2km and 4km....can't keep doing that of course, but its fun while you can.

Yesterday afternoon then became what used to be called a spring clean since we've yet again hired a skip to get rid of a load of rubbish. The catalyst this time is 'cos Alex, the landscape gardener, has transformed a set of concrete steps and a path into a beautiful paved area so we now have a load of concrete to get rid of. The smallest walk-in skip I could get was bigger than I thought we needed so a general throw out was the order of the day.

Today has been a long ride day, re-doing the Yarra Glen/Xmas Hills/Warrandyte ride, taking 10 mins off my previous effort.. more the result of knowing the way and the slope rather than an improvement of fitness. There seemed to be a huge amount of traffic about, ? the economic downturn has resulted in less people going away for the long weekend? My only moment of panic was when a car towing a really wide trailer passed me..the driver didn't allow for its extra width....

This afternoon has been "watch the TDU" and then "fill the skip" time. I had told Ben he could bring rubbish over but now I have to tell him not to bother as its full much for thinking it was too big! ..Ben and Melissa are moving into a different rented house at a MUCH better rent...the rental market in Melbourne has got to be waaaay too expensive....

TRAC news : I drafted a sponsors' thank you letter early today and received another bag of goodies yesterday both for the show bag and some individual prizes.

As I'm writing this I'm also watching the Edinburgh Tattoo..what is it about bagpipes that bring a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat? can I blame my Scottish mother and her family or am I just an emotional old softie?

Tmw's session is to be a 20 min road TT best effort which I'm going to do from work along Springvale's really straight and flat as it gets closer to the bay....and if I'm early should be relatively traffic free....

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