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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Australia Day=a long weekend of training

Normally at this time of the year, we're off up to the Victorian Alps for a spot of hill climbing in Audax's Alpine Classic. However 10-15 years on and the interest has waned more than somewhat, so here I am at home ready to get 3 days solid training in before having another go at DISC. The weather remains hot and windy so I've no doubt I'm not the only cyclist to have punctured there since the wind blows down little metal shards from the roof, where they've stayed since its construction. Eventually none will be left, but when that will be I guess, will depend on how many windy days we get.

One of Thursday's disasters was that my car decided to die electrically and it remains that way since I've been far too busy to do anything about it. Luckily since Phil is off in Laos I can use his car which meant that at first I ended up listening to a different radio station than usual....and heard the following 2 gems:

*****Teenagers.....I think they're god's punishment for having sex in the first place......

and as an indication of just how dire out drought situation is:

*****Lake (please note LAKE) Wendouree is on fire! (this lake was where the 1956 olympics rowing was held and is not really all that deep at best).

TRAC..67 teams. Yet more show bag goodies have arrived. Maps, flags and team lists up at both campuses. Welcome speech and powerpoint slides completed. List of sponsors completed but I'm struggling with gettingtheir logos onto an email template.....

There's no doubt that had we realised just how big it was going to be, we'd never have started it and I'd have to say I am well and truly "over" it and am having to resort to comfort food of a chocolate nature to get me through the day.

Pinnacle days are the launches this coming up Wed and Thurs......

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