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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

This week's revised forecast = Tues 37C, Wed 41,Thurs 40,Fri 40, Sat 40

and with 41 degrees C equalling 105 degree F, this week ain't gunna be a whole load of fun.

Yesterday was Australia Day plus also Chinese New Year, so there were plenty of celebrations around the country. My ride down Springvale Road took me through an area where many people of Asian origin live so I was a spectator to lots of colourfully dressed performers doing their thing.

My ride was not as I had hoped since I was aiming for a 20 min best effort, but the after effects of the previous day's hilly ride were still lingering in my legs and so it became a ride of mini efforts. I started and finished my ride at work, going in and checking my computer to see if any more TRAC entrants had popped up over the weekend, but no, the tally remains at 67 teams.

I had planned to get up early today to do cruisey laps around the velodrome, but when I still couldn't get to sleep by 0100 and needed to be up at 0430, I pulled the plug. My latest training program has arrived by email this am with an upward alteration to my training appears that I have improved on my L2-L3 numbers and here was I thinking I was going backwards.

Today is not going to be a clinical day for me..I'm at a course all morning and then we pack the TRAC show bags. Now if only I could remember what the course was all about ..I looked at the email and couldn't make much sense of it and can't recall why on earth my manager wanted me to go. I guess all will be revealed I just hope I don't fall asleep, and that the food is good.....

Seen here drinking from a tap, Flea has yet again managed to rid the place of 1 rat...what a warrior, what a legend! just wish he'd stop bringing the carcasses into the house.

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