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Thursday, 22 January 2009

windy hot and uncomfortable

Today's ride at DISC was sadly a fizzer.
I was going well in my warm up.
Grooving happily around and around until 16 minutes into a 20 minute warm up on an easy gear when I had to deal with a sudden inability to hold the black line...yup a front wheel puncture.
The "DISC in a high wind syndrome" had hit again. What happens is that small crescent shaped bits of metal rain down from the roof every time there is a high wind..and there was.....a high wind that is. And my front tyre was a victim..prob not the last for the day either.

Sad. I get really aggrieved when I get up and out extra early (0530) and then have a negative experience.

TRAC..66 teams. My other project, and somewhat different is the PJC singing group. We met for the first time 8 weeks before Christmas and moved from a rabble to a choir in that time, giving carols performances across the PJC/WH campuses to great acclaim. Now we have to decide where to from here and what will we sing. Looks like Aussie songs for Anzac day is the next target.

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