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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Traditions old and new

Christmas is a time for traditions.

I have a few old and a new one. The old ones are:
  • a meal (usually on Christmas Eve) with long time dear friends from Orienteering days. We both were pregnant in 1977 and the tradition started then. The kids born in that year have stayed good mates and we love to have the 8 of us together sometime during the festive season...although never Boxing day 'cos of the Test cricket.
  • the Christmas day bike ride. Originally with the boys..but hey! I'm far too slow for them so now alone or with my regular training partner .
  • During the ride there is an obligation to say/think "guess what THEY got for Christmas"..and its usually a kid and their bike or a bigger kid with a more expensive one......
The new one was created during this year's afore mentioned obligatory Christmas day ride when, stopped at a set of traffic lights both Lawrence and I looked down, saw a dummy and both had the same thought...THIS is where the famous dummy spit occurred!

A photo was taken there and'll have to look carefully to find it(!)

and later on another somewhat staged pseudo dummy spit with Larence apparently riding away from me.....!!!

The dummy is now part of the "Lawrence and Liz" show and will take part in many a blogging story both on road and track, here interstate and abroad...much in the vein of the famed travelling garden gnome

Arriving back home I then proceeded to upload the first of 3 DVD virtual real life rides for my Tacx trainer..Xmas pressie and make preparations to try it out. Since I'd totally wrecked my tyre the last time I was on the Tacx, I set about putting on a dedicated trainer tyre and it was then that I realised why I've struggled so much over the past week...I'd put my wheel in poorly when I put on a new tyre for the Saturday ride with Lawrence and it had been rubbing the chain stay. The tyre was rubbed down to the canvas.......

3 rides old and fit only for the rubbish bin.....

I SMS'd Lawrence to let her know why I'd struggled so much, but she's been strangely silent!......!


Penny said...

Hi Liz,
Merry Christmas - and very cool pressie from Ben mentioned in the post above!!
As for SMS-ing Lawrence ... isn't that just asking for a grilling, given your teasing of her SMS habits of late???

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Merry christmas to you too the SMS comment..I'm living dangerously!! and she's already SMS'd me her comments!