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Friday, 26 December 2008

Clogged arteries and animal rescue

Staggering downstairs fairly early today I opened the fridge door whereupon this somewhat slowed thought process took place:
  1. groan
  2. clogged arteries
  3. must make New Year's Resolutions
  4. groan
  5. thank god Christmas comes but once a year
3 cups of coffee later, feeling somewhat more human and playing at the computer I was awake enough to be in "mother/Physio-in-charge" mode ie hyper alert to a noise that didn't quite fit. So when I heard a muffled scrunch type noise , I shot out of the computer room and into the kitchen where I found Pippi wedged half in and half out of the filter grill that leads into our under floor ducted heating system. Visions of starring on the TV show "Animal Rescue" flashed through my brain as Alex and I struggled to extricate her from the filter without losing her down the vertical shaft. That accomplished we replaced the grill and looked for Flea to make sure Pippi hadn't been playing follow the leader.....!

I've not had many presents that were a total failure but there are a couple that stick in my brain and being a coward and having been taught to be polite, I never actually said aloud what I was thinking but this year's presents were all very appropriate and no acting was necessary when saying my thank you's. DVD's, gardening tools, books, wickedly sharp kitchen knives, chockies..all very welcome and then there was the star turn...Ben's present. It has always been my contention that if the present is right for the person then how much it costs is immaterial, while if its wrong then its wrong no matter how expensive it was. So when Ben worried that he hadn't spent much I was able reassure him 'cos his present to me was 100% perfect was a groovy pink track bike chain(!) and a limited edition Solo musette with the track bike/single speed chain wheel/cog progressions printed on the back.

Training yesterday was as previously reported the obligatory Christmas day ride plus the Tacx its going to be the Tacx trainer first plus the obligatory Boxing day ride followed by the masochistic "yes I know its crazy and I said I wouldn't" shopping session or maybe I'll wait til Saturday.....the latter being training for....what? might well ask!


Frank said...

Just came across this--cool chain. You rockin' that on a track/road bike or a SS MTB? Either way, do enjoy and happy holidays!
Ride One or Ride None!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi Frank! its on the track bike and in fact I've just this moment put it on..and it looks gooooood

Its a KMC chain and comes in blue pink, purple,blue, yellow and white. check it out at

Gene Nacey said...

I bet one DVD you didn't see this year, but you might have liked is a VIRTUAL CYCLING dvd from Global Ride. We just started the company, and released them last week (just missing the Christmas Rush) - but there's plenty of indoor riding left in the season. You can check them out at