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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Stressoids

Apart from discovering that you've totally forgotten someone who fronts up with a present for you (not happened yet this year!), the most stress inducing event at this time of the year for me is the cooking.

Yesterday at work I was loudly wondering what it was like to be a bloke at Christmas..all you had to do was put some money in an envelope, chuck it at the base of a tree that magically had appeared inside the house (and all decorated too) then sit around eat too much, drink too much and fall asleep in a chair.

Anyhow..last night was cooking night. I am a good cook....not. I can boil water really well but the rest of that particular skill is very hit and miss. My family is used to either dried up/ burnt or under cooked food. I advocate the cave man diet..raw food whenever possible.

Last night was "cook the stuffed turkey rolls" time. The guy in the shop said 2 hrs at 180, maybe a little less. At 2 hours I took the damn things out of the oven and cut into them just to check....yikes...still very pink, in for another 20 mins, check, in for another 20 minutes, check, in for another 20 minutes. So what have I got now? a couple of cut up, dried out extremely mangled lumps of meat!!! So what's new?!

Then since they are stuffed rolls and I have lactose and gluten intolerant peeps coming over I need to cook a chicken that doesn't have ANY stuffing in. So I go the recipe book which is all in pounds and ounces and Fahrenheit and since I'm now well into my second glass of wine the maths is waaaay beyond me, so I have to ring up a friend to get the conversion!!!! now THAT'S something I'm not going to be allowed to forget!

By the time it was all cooked the wine bottle had miraculously emptied itself and I've just checked my "sent mail" to ensure I didn't send any out in my less than sober state!!

This morning I got an SMS and I'd like the sender to own up please!!! it reads Happy Easter from the Alzheimers Association and all the best for 1983.



Lisa said...

I love hearing these kinds of stories at Christmas time. It brings that whole human element into it all and everyone gets a giggle and it's what makes it memorable in my books :)

Have a good Christmas Liz!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Thanks Lisa..hope you have a great holiday period too. Seeya in 2009!