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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Today's ride

I said I would, so I guess I'll have to: during our 3 hour ride today Lawrence beat me up every hill and down virtually all of them.

She was great. I was not.

No excuses.

There! I did it

However..she did hop off the bike on one hill to walk a bit and I don't really think she needed to cos she blasted past me when she re-started and later when given the option chose the easy way home. Despite that choice, she did another hour on the trainer at the end of the I slept.

Tomorrow? hmmm not sure...should get out again but I'll have to see how I recover. Us 64 year olds don't recover as fast as we'd like to.

Actually I think I must have SAD...seasonal affective disorder..only with me its not the cold and dark of a northern winter that brings it on...its the hustle and bustle of Christmas which makes me soooo tired.


Lawrence said...

I was processing, in the final stages, when I stopped .... those hills worked a treat ;-)

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

whatever..... as I said at the time (between gasps and with an edge on my voice!)..that's the best sight I've seen all day!