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Saturday, 20 December 2008

I'm an author and I didn't know it and other musings

I was in the library yesterday gathering up books and audio books to tide me over the Christmas break when suddenly I got stopped short in my tracks, cos there in front of me was a book written! Well by me before I got married and changed my name.

My "born with" surname is Corley..not a very common name, in fact a very uncommon name especially with that spelling. Anyhow there I was in the library and there was this book written by Elizabeth! Gob smacked! rocked back on my heels I was.

I went straight over to the computer and onto google to check the author out..could the name be a nom de plume? Nothing ventured nothing gained, I sent a (hopefully) funny email to the publisher requesting she forward it to the author and asking if she really was my name twin.....I'm not holding my breath....

Work escalates as it always does before Christmas, my entire patient load seems to be about to be discharged..great for them of course, but for me a whole heap of extra work as I admit a new group of people. The Workplace Wellness group's initiatives have done well..the carol singing is over and the singing group will continue next year with >30 names ready to warble , the Spin class has finished and did exceptionally well with more signing up to do a 5 week burst of body pump starting mid January with requests for T'ai chi and body balance and a class time other than 0630 from many others. And being sent out on Monday is the info for 2009's first really big undertaking known as TRAC.."The Round Australia Challenge" which is a virtual trip around Aus via one's aerobic exercise. Every hour each member of a 4 person team exercises takes the team 40km round the ~14,000km journey. Starting on Feb 1st it'll finish on April 30th .....I'm hoping this will encourage the shift workers to get involved since it can be achieved anytime 24/7.

And finally it looks like our Christmas will be celebrated on 24/12. When kids get partners and other families have to be included in Xmas celebrations, the logistics of the celebrations become more and more difficult. It seems to be the habit to end up on a lemming-like journey around the state on 25/12 eating oneself silly at each location..personally I feel fairly sick after one rich meal, never mind having to repeat the session later on in the day!

We've also solved the problem of the pinus radiata needles clogging up my vacuum cleaner when I take the Xmas tree down on twelfth night by buying a Wollemi pine. This tree, which will be our living Xmas tree until it becomes too big to cart inside (or dies) has an interesting history..discovered only in the 1994 it was made commercially available in April 2006. Known previously only via fossils it and its family was thought to be extinct until it was discovered in a remote bit of bush in NSW.

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