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Monday, 22 December 2008

yikes! its 22/12 already

Training yesterday was 3 x 4 minute best efforts with 20 mins rests in between and it was achieved along Beach Road. I did ok; considering how crap I was on Saturday, I did brilliantly. The sun was out again and both days have given a boost to my fading tan.

This year, Christmas has crept up on me somewhat suddenly. Yesterday as I emerged from my post training "nanna" nap, I suddenly realised I just had to get on with re-arranging the house, clearing up generally and getting the table ready since this year our Christmas is being celebrated on 24/12.

Actually I think its a great idea..the only problem is that I'm working Xmas Eve and have no idea what time I''ll get home. So Sunday afternoon was designated "clear up and get the room ready" time, although I had to do a bit of forcible persuasion to get Alex to understand why it had to be done right THEN!

So the Wollemi pine is in and decorated with about 1/10th of the usual deccies, some parcels placed under the tree, the table has been elongated, table cloth and festive runner put on and various chairs discovered, dusted and put in place and of course the carpet vacuumed. I've also found some festive napkins left over from last year and the Christmas Crackers that were surplus to requirements from last year too!

Alex reckons we should take the opportunity to go to the Xmas sales on Boxing Day and buy some classier more dignified Xmas tree deccies....I'm volunteering him for that waaaay am I going to any Boxing Day sale...I value my life!

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