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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Track training..comments from both sides of the divide

Tuesday after work is track training time.

It was interesting to compare my negative spin roadie attitude to Lawrence's positive spin trackie attitude to the session which is encapsulated in the following comments:

Me: the thing I don't like about track training is all this hanging about.
Her: I'm glad we're getting good rests between efforts.

My negative attitude could have been fuelled by a minor disaster at work. We are having a "falls minimization" month at my aged care rehab hospital and are trying to get a display up and running. I had the bright idea that freebies were always welcome and so, with the ok from up top, organised our printer people to make up small pads with the logo "Falls - lessen your risk" across the bottom, which would be accompanied on the display by advice to wear decent shoes and to decrease clutter.

HOWEVER...what the printer set up was "Falls Lessen Your Risk"...which is not QUITE what we wanted to say!..and so I have 500 pads of 50 sheets each encouraging people to fall in order to lessen their risk of..what?!

Who said punctuation was unnecessary


Lawrence said...

Don't forget, I was very prone when I was commenting on my appreciation of the recovery time we had. And it's not common to have more sprinters than enduros. That was plain weird.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Dont want to be picky or anything, but you were supine..not prone

Lawrence said...

i was lying down anyways!! hhehe (sheesh!! phyiological types, next it will be anterior, posterior, caudal, lateral, medial, proximal, distal blah blah)

Buttsy said...

I used to be a facebook junkie but you and Lawrence have given me a new appreciation of blogging and reading your blogs is a lot of fun.....Although I say that after a fard cadence session on the W-T. (1 min cadence 120-130 with 4 min recovery x 10) I am probably still a bit hypoxic!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi that workout sounds ke-ru-elle.

Anyhow welcome to blog-land..I never quite "got" face book....couldn't quite understand why people were throwing sheep at me... just the wrong gen I guess,but blogging is more like a public diary. and mine is generally divided up between cycling stuff and "other" ie musings/waffle. I keep an eye on about 10 other blogs regularly, others less so.