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Monday, 24 November 2008


Its very tempting to ascribe human qualities and actions to your pets-and its a trap we all fall into.

I have 2 cats... Flea, the lithe hunter who regularly catches animals of any size and lovingly brings them into kitchen to show us and Pippi the rather plump princess who's never been seen to even stalk an animal, never mind catch and kill one but will happily eat anything Flea brings in.

So the scenario is Flea catches and kills, Pippi eats.

A coupla days ago very early in the morning, I'm sitting at the computer and Flea brings in a dead bird which he deposits on the floor close by. I sigh and decide carcass flinging can wait until I've finished reading my emails.

10 minutes later I'm up for the task but I can't find it, its disappeared. I check out the laundry, the rumpus room and finally get to where the cats' food bowls are and there placed artistically on Pippi's bowl is one very dead bird!

Gotta hand it to Flea..he's one very smart cat!


Penny said...

LOL!!! Nice story about the cats, Liz. I think I'd better send the blog link to my mum's cousin who loves cats ... as she's sure to get a laugh out of that!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hi Penny..our previous cat, Brutus, was even funnier. We were watching footy on TV and Brutus stretched to put his paws on the screen just as a ball flew "towards" the screen. As a result Brutus was seen to mark the ball. That was years ago and we still laugh about it.