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Monday, 10 November 2008

Its a generational thing

Yesterday's ride was indeed an epic and in fact I feel like I should have a T shirt inscribed "I survived the Geelong blah blah blah. I probably WILL ride it again..once I've got over the agony and exhaustion I'm currently feeling. I guess when that finally happens I will start to recall the good part(s) of the ride.

Lawrence and I have been training partners for quite a while now and with both of us enjoying a sense of humour, running jokes can tend to take over....and her huge SMS and computer usage is something that is currently getting a bit of a flogging....

I can well recall buying my first mobile and thinking what a waste of money it was 'cos.."I'll only use it for emergencies".

So while that comment is somewhat amusing now, I still haven't got to the level of SMS usage that my sons and Lawrence exhibit...gen X all . Speaking as either a very early baby boomer or a late member of the "Silent Generation" I haven't yet felt the need to broadcast my life's events to friends and family as they happen if not before..oh!...apart from rainbow jersey winning.

So yesterday when the aforesaid training partner dug into her bag and ripped out the mobile at every check point, lunch break, orange and snake stop, drink stop , the I'm stopping to get rid of a pain stop or even a "nature" stop and proceeded to a) check to see if she had received an SMS and/or b) to send one or seven, I went in for some extremely theatrical eye rolling/crossing and heavy sighing. As you do when you're an overbearing opinionated baby boomer. Just a teeny weeny bit OTT I thought.

Hey Lawrence...options so you don't have to stop

Or perhaps it's not a generational thing..maybe it's a "new relationship " thing.. I'm fairly certain I can recall that state...1968 it mobiles then though and Phil in the Merchant Navy on 3-4 month trips....... long distance relationships and absence making the heart grow fonder or some such....hmm 1968..must be up for a fortieth anniversary sometime next year.


Lawrence said...

ROFLMAO.I do like the mobile phone through the ear version. Might get me one of those, as I have a spare ear piercing or two ;-).

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

You'll have noticed that both pix are of guys...would we girrrls do anything quite so, well, stewpid?

Penny said...

LOL! Interesting remarks about mobile phones, Liz. I'm definately one of the younger generation - but $50 pre-paid credit normally lasts me 6 months or so, as I don't use my mobile all that much! I like having a direct number that I can be contacted on - as I'm sometimes at work and sometimes at home.

As for mobile phones for emergencies only: my grandma (almost 88) got one a few years ago for that purpose - but didn't use it when she should have (mild heart attack away from home ... so she drove home instead, for me to find her in reduced pain and eventually convince her to get medical attention. She's learnt her lesson to listen to me now!!