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Friday, 14 November 2008

Pay back!

No. 1 son finally managed to sell one of his many, many bikes and so I am the recipient of a small portion of the money he owes me ...yay!!! (Maybe) as a bonus/sweetener he also handed over one of his T shirts that's really just a bit too small for him.

Its a Yeti T shirt and I thought that's a nice shirt and gratefully accepted it. Later on I looked at the back and below the picture of a rider going over a drop off read "Pin it ya fairy"
! okaaaaay. that certainly limits the times I can wear it.....nice shirt though

No 2 son has what is 99.9% certain to be a scaphoid fracture..his doctor wanted to be 100% certain it wasn't a congenital abnormality and so sent him for a bone scan and yesterday I got an SMS from radioactive man saying he'd been told to keep away from small children and pregnant women...I can just envisage him asking all females coming into the bike shop..."you pregnant?"!

I'd have to say that for me as an orthopaedic Physio, plain xray evidence of a separated scaphoid fracture 2-3 months after a fall off the bike complete with intermittant pain and swelling is enough to send him straight to the ortho surgeon..adding a scan seems to be a bit of OTT servicing.


Lawrence said...

You realise, of course, I now have a new set of words to throw your way as I yet again overtake you on a hill ;-P [evil laughter]

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Ha! who was miles ahead on the hills on Sunday? and who drove all the way into the headwind and who else kept on getting dropped. Who was it who worked so hard on hills and into the wind that they paid the price at the end so someone else could finally look good??? and who will be wearing the shirt and who will be reading it then hunh! who? hunh! see you on the hills early tomorrow???