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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Age and a 152km ride

When I started this ride at 0800 this morning I was 64 years old, in the 6 hrs of riding it took me to complete the ride I aged 20 years. Then I drove home and on trying to get out of the car discovered I had aged another 10 years.

Since then I have had a shower, downloaded my SRM and Garmin and raided the fridge ( apparently I expended ~2500 calories and so no guilt is attached to raiding the fridge today) and now I'm beginning to feel a bit closer to my real age. However I'm too buggered to write more than this tonight....its 7.30pm and I'm going to bed. Yes I KNOW its still light, but this little black duck is vewwy tyerd.

I have many scurrilous tales to tell, mostly about Lawrence, but they will have to wait until tomorrow when I can think straight......unless she agrees to pay me hush money of course.....

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