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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Help, help coach please save me....

...from myself and the hedonistic lifestyle I'm enjoying far too much! Re-discovering the delights of quaffing Merlot and munching Macvites chocolate covered wholemeal biscuits (but not simultaneously) has been waaaaay too much fun..I NEED to get back into the cloister that my full training program is.

This week was a disaster exercise wise, nil on Monday..recovering from MTB, nil on Tuesday .. ditto. Gym class on Wed and did well, then nil, zero nothing on Thursday 'cos the crit was cancelled but I didn't realise until I got there and nil on Friday 'cos I went to watch Michael Burke celebrate his 50th birthday by making an attempt on the World Hour record for his age group. Then I slept in today until 0800...something I rarely do and now can barely be bothered to get on the bike....

So why am I so tired? Maybe its because work is a bit OTT curently with "challenges". I also really must learn to say "no" at work...I'm the facilitator for our Workplace Wellness Program and stupidly in order to make up the numbers to ensure it went ahead I said "yes" to a series of spin classes. I hate spin classes. Along the same lines I've also found myself in the Singing Group practising carols for a Christmas concert. I'm an alto but can't hold the note against the sopranos unless I'm surrounded by other altos, besides which I sound like the drone of a bagpipe....I can whistle ok, but haven't really found much use for that skill.

Back to Michael. At 40+km he came up short but like me grabbed the Aus, Vic and Oceania(!) records. His laps were very consistent despite his butt pain which was very evident towards the end when he regularly had to get out of the saddle. I had to smile as the commentator kept telling us he was "stretching his legs"...I knew different and Michael confirmed it in his post event interview. Channel 31's Sooty Park was there videoing and so we will get to see it later on in the current series..early next year.

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