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Friday, 31 October 2008

VicSport Award

Last night I won a Vicsport Award (Masters Division)! Third time lucky, as I was also nominated in 2001 for Orienteering and 2004 for cycling.

I guess part of the reason I won it this time is that I learned from 2004 that adding a few extras to the bald fact of your results was not only ok, it was actually what swung the deal. Anyone nominated clearly has a great record for the year, so its the value added that gets you past the post. Consequently I sent a letter to CSV, who had nominated me, mentioning this and asking that they mention that my latest 2 medals brought my World Masters medal haul up to 15 in the 6 years I'd been going over to Europe. I also updated my CV for the year and added the work I do in the Aus and Vic Masters Commissions. It was the medal haul that swung it I'm sure, cos that was what the MC commented on in particular.

I was, as usual, pretty useless up there and forgot to thank I will now: thank you to Vic Sport for the award and the night, CycleSport Victoria for the nomination, Dr Auriel Forrester for coaching me to a great year's set of results, Brad Robbins for being M Lash and overseeing boring ergo sessions, Lawrence for being a road and track training partner and finally family, friends and colleagues for putting up with me and my blinkered approach to this year.

It was a long night; I had got home late from work due to finding one of our patients wandering around in the field behind the hospital and so while I had always planned not to arrive too early, I ended up being in a rush and forgetting to eat beforehand. The nibbles were oysters (yuck), sushi(double yuck) and mini squares of toast with tomato and egg on. Three bits of toast and a glass of orange juice just about held me over until I got home at 1030 at which time there was a mega raid on the fridge as I attempted to eat everything in sight! Actually I don't mind sushi but I'm always VERY suss about food at a big catered "do" and both oysters and sushi are prone to have gastro problems associated with them and consequently I go out of my way to avoid them. I'm also not keen about finger food since people just do NOT wash their hands properly (or indeed at all).

The Victorian track cycling team won a team award and it was great to see that Adrian Jackson had been nominated for his MTB Orienteering successes although he had little chance against the likes of Cadel Evans and Grant Hackett.

I've just recalled what the MC said at the beginning of his introductory speech...something like "there are many Australians, but only a few of us are lucky enough to be Victorians". Tee Hee!

I'm hoping this weekend's weather is good 'cos not only am I on the road with Lawrence on Saturday and doing my 25km MTB ride on Sunday, but I'm camping out at the event site on Saturday night. I haven't camped for some time but the choice of getting up extremely early on Sunday, paying >$100 for a motel unit or $5 for camping was a no-brainer. We used to camp alot so we have all the gear......must remember to take the coffee..must remember to take the coffee...must remember to take the coffee......


Penny said...

Hi Liz. Well done for your latest award :-). Penny

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thanks Penny