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Friday, 31 October 2008


Today has been a great day ....being subtle about showing off the award to a few people and hoping they will broadcast the info. After all I just HAVE to keep the appearance of being modest about my successes!!!!

Today was also a fun day at work..dunno why but it was day for playing jokes on people. For example, one of the younger Physios glued the manager's telephone in such a way that it would ring but he couldn't respond...thank god for a manager with a sense of humour.

After this trick we were discussing small things pleasing small minds especially while at work.. My small mind finds amusement with the following: I regularly go out of my way to say hello to two of my colleagues, (actually I'd greet them anyway, but ....) one is called Ha , the other I say Hi!Ha! and Hi Jean! (hygiene). I'm still searching for a Lee/Leigh.

yup. I know..... sad, but this mouse has been on the treadmill a very long time.

PS I published this post last night without really checking grammar, spelling etc, so it has now been corrected and added to!

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