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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

ahm having fuuuuun!

Tonight I rode my first crit of the season which was fun, until it was not.

After about 30 minutes of hard work and while jumping to chase down a runaway I got a mega left calf cramp.
I saw it out and cruised a while but then the pace went up again and the same thing happened and that was it for me...ignominiously spat out the back. But it was fun fun fun.

Below are the WKO+ and SRM files of the same race.

I think I might have to alter the altitude!!!

This little black duck was working hard..should sleep well tonight.....

and 10 weeks after I posted them the final parcel of "stuff no longer wanted on voyage" arrived from the UK.......just waiting for the VAT refund from my SRM and then my holiday really is history.

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