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Friday, 5 September 2008

True confessions..again!

Security woes:
1. Flying out of Melbourne I had not 1 but 2, yes 2 tubes of Vegemite in my carry on luggage..lost them both. Also an almost empty large tube of toothpaste is not acceptable..lost that too. Hopefully an almost empty SMALL tube will be ok on the way home!!!

2. Flying 0ut of airport I now have scrubbed permanently off my list..I managed to totally disengage my brain and tried to take 2 bottles of wine on board (the one's I'd won in the TT). Since I wanted to keep the bottles, I had to ditch the wine in the sink in the ladies loo...sob. I blame the virus that I had......and still have...sniff,sniff

General problems:
1. I bought buttermilk instead of the real yeetch!
2. I bought Oxfam contains cocopops, choc bits, dried fruit and a small amount of oats.
3. I have managed to enable us to go the scenic route excuses..clearly not my fault, just very poor signage! it took us an extra hour to find this latest house..but given the pathetic instructions, we were lucky to be in the right country...I had to resort to the phone in the end and I was so rude and angry, they've not been near us since. I'm not even sure if I've paid the week's rent !!!!
4. I had many interesting moments while house sitting (see earlier post)...and have since discovered that the light fusing episode was to do with DIY stuff.
5. Talking of DIY..where we are currently has lights in the bedroom that emit a really weird electronic/electrical smell...we leave them off as much as possible.

I'm writing this now in the vain hope that it will prevent anything else happening over the remaining 3 days!!!!

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