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Friday, 5 September 2008

I think I've had enough of cobbles!

..especially downhill!
Just a short 1+ hour ride yesterday..two climbs and a very long cobbled flattish section.

I'm totally impressed by my Vittoria Corsa tyres..still intact after that lot!!!

Then we were off the bikes and into Bruges....

we (I) managed to get lost on the way in....I'm followed the world over by road signing that assumes you know the way.....

Alex made straight for a chocolatier and I hoped to find something in the Tintin shop..he found just what he wanted, I didn't.

Bikes everywhere, with many many bike parks just like this one.

And also some very weird cargoes:

Is this make of beer a self fulfilling prophesy?Today's adventure is to Roubaix and the Forest of Arenberg, then off to Ypres (Leper) to the WW1 sites

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