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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Party's almost over

Today's task, with very poor maps, was to find La trenche..the road in the Arenberg forest where the pros ride through on their way from Paris (Compeigne actually) to Roubaix. Despite deviations 'cos of road works, we were almost there before I hopped out and said..."xusi..nous cherchons la trenche dans l'arenberg foret ou les cyclistes professionel......'' upon which she chemin ligne....blahblahblah....and with this plus much gesticulation...we were there!

Alex burled up and down and I tried, but the incipient puncture in my rear wheel is now a real one and so I could only manage about 100m before I hopped onto the side path..these are truly vicious cobbles...feral..worst we've come rained too so we got the real feel..... we're not sure who these signs on the road are for......
and here is..the velodrome at Roubaix!..finding this took a huge amount of luck plus a bit of "nous sommes perdue..ou est le velodrome s'il vous plait?"

sadly the place was deserted...desolated even!

Then it was off to Leper/Ypres to see the WW1 museum. Seeing the number of the names of the dead enscribed on the Menin gate from that battle alone, is enough to make a pacifist of anyone. Brought a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye.

Back again at our abode and tucking into food and drink, Alex and I have both decided we dont like Belgian I'm testing out wine instead..only prob is cork screw. So I've had to go for screw tops..but....the only wine with screw tops that I could find was.....Aussie !!!!!!! its Rosemount Merlot ........... sad really

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