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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Last day in Flanders

.. and now I'm just tired. Alex thinks he's got my cold and is also tired....or maybe it was just the l-o-o-o-n-g and stressful day yesterday trying to find various places and putting in a full day as a tourist? Anyhow I'm delighted I can't ride what with the flat/punctured back tyre and Alex is delighted too!!!

Today it was re-visit the Muur and the Koppenberg for photo opps.

Alex rode it twice mit helmet cam in place..the first time it was pointed down too much, second time it was fine although he wasn't and his planned ride of the Muur got scrubbed.This sign is at the top of the tough section of the Muur..I think its saying that its strongly forbidden to ride or run downhill.

This is a side on view of close to the steepest part...always difficult to show steepness in a photo...

And finally apparently there is a Mannequin Pis in Geraardsbergen too, although we've not bothered to visit it. However we did notice these roadside posts in the town we're staying in.....

So now we're cleaning up, packing and vege-ing out..too fatigued to do much else really. Still haven't paid for this week and can't find the owners.......!

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