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Thursday, 4 September 2008

bergs, cobbles, cobbles, bergs

Street velo art Belgian style..

and yes, this is a re-cycling roundabout! .. ..pun intended.

So today it was time for a big effort again..a recreational one for sure, but an effort nonetheless.

Set up around Oudenarde, complete with maps, signs and markings on the road so you wont get lost are 3 Ronde van Vlanderen routes. Today we picked the eyes out of the 72km loop, climbing the following: Kluisberg (925m, max of 14.5%, avg 7.2%), Oude Karemont (2.5km, max 11.6%, avg 3.6%), Paterburg (361m, max 20.3%, avg 12.9), Koppenberg (682m, max 19.4%, avg 10%), Steenbeekdries (700m, max 6.7%, avg 5.3%), Taaienberg (533m, max 15.8%, avg 6.7%).

Alex steamed up them all of course. I managed all except the Paterberg where I had to stop briefly to catch my breath, then re-started by clutching onto a gate so I could have both feet clipped in before pedalling and so managed to ride the rest of the way up. Also the Koppenberg where I ground to a halt and had to walk about 50 metres before the slope eased a bit and I could get back on the bike again.

Tomorrow we do a shorter loop taking in the Molenberg (462m, max 14.2%, avg 7%) and the Wolvenberg (800m, max 17.2% avg 4.7%) then dash off to Bruges for a bit of kulcher.

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