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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

We have the right weather for riding the cobbles

Dull, cool and raining. Yup typical weather for riding the cobbled bergs of the Spring Classics.

Yesterday we went to the Ronde van Vlanderen museum in Oudenarde and also rode the Kappelmuur and the Bos much much more. I stalled over the steepest bit of the Muur and had to get my domestique..who rode the whole thing on his MTB in big chain give me a push start as it was too steep for me to re-start by myself.

Apart from cycling we also wrestled with a laundromat..we think we managed to disengage the spin cycle...and bought food...always a challenge whenyou don't know the language. Below are a few pix for your enjoyment:


And we think we have cafe dining..this alleyway and about 6 others in the same area were crammed with table for Sunday lunch....
Not sure which street name to pick here..hard enough having them in Flemish and French... today the Mannequin Pis was dressed up for a special folk loric festival..I couldn't quite grasp the concept, but there were loads of men dressed up in top hats black jackets and tartan trousers who were singing and giving away sweets (don't take sweets from strangers!)
what can I say?

more silly signs

where we are staying..or rather the stables of this place..more later

Oudenarde main square
not sure about this one..sheep, pig, peep, shig ..proof that Belgian animals are on HGH? whatever it gave me "the look"

this little engine could..only 10% avg but cobbles add to the degree of difficulty

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