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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

True confessions or how I failed barista 101

Its nearly 7am and I'm doing anything, ANYTHNG to delay the time when I have to get on the indoor trainer in front of the TV. So here is a bit of self indulgent waffle for you to smile over....

I love coffee..just as well its off the forbidden list vis a vis doping. At home I make my coffee in a plunger..a cafetiere if you're feeling pretentious. Alex has "real" barista sytle coffee machine, but I've never bothered to use it. Sooooo what to do here since there ain't a plunger (AKA cafetiere) in the house..guess I just have to learn to use THE machine.....

So, where's this all going?..well over the past 4 days, I've made every single mistake you can make in creating a cup of coffee with an espresso machine...or are there others lurking around for me to discover?
Here they no particular order:

1. I failed to attach the coffee filled scoop thing in properly and spent 10 minutes cleaning coffee off the kitchen wall.

2. I didn't realise you turned it off when the fluid coming through stopped being coffee coloured.

3. I forgot to turn the water heater part on and so had cold coffee...yeetch ..

4. When vigorously banging the coffee filled scoop thing into the bin, I didn't realise a part of the scoop had joined the used dregs. Followed by:

5. Wondering what I'd done because the scoop didn't look very silver..then after I cleaned it out, put the coffee in and hooked it up to the machine then wondered why it didn't fit properly...but I'm a quick learner (ho! ho!) and I managed NOT to turn it on as it would have been a repeat of no.1..

6. and hopefully last ....did everything right but got distracted and failed to turn it off until just a wee bit late and so spent rather a lot of time cleaning up the flood on the bench, the floor and the overflow container and everything that was close by.......

Is there anything I've missed and am yet to do? c'mon..'fess up.....or maybe I need to develop a liking for tea.

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