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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

and here they are!

Bit of a photo dump of things I noticed yesterday and photographed today.
(I think the bottom one will have to have a permanent spot on the left).

I'm assuming this is a donkey 'cos of the ears..but what is it dragging? maybe its a long eared reindeer.
definitely a squirrel
that's mph not kph! I dunno ...ducks..either speeding or sitting in the middle of the road

Today's training was the beginning of a week of thrashing threshold sessions, then onto speed then into race week. So that's the last of the touristy type endurance sessions. I'm very happy that I've opted to have this UK training period..I feel as though I'm coming up nicely and am relatively rested in that while my legs are currently feeling used, its something I can remedy easily, not being tied down to any routine.

The incorrectly named said it'd be cloudy all day with rain +++...wrong..cloudy/blue sky/windy but NO rain ....yet! here I am I've done my training, the dogs have had 2 walks and what can I do the olympics..yesssss...except it is of course very Brit focussed..well better than nothing I guess. The same website has an interesting metric called the arthritis index and today it is purported to be extreme...well wrong again, 'cos my arthritic fingers are def NOT playing up today!

You can dial in 4 locations to get automatic updates on the state of the weather..I've got Marlborough (17 degrees C) its the closest town to where I'm staying, Bedford for when I'm with my coach, Salzberg(21C) is the closest to St Johann and finally..tee! hee!..Melbourne at 6 C.

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