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Friday, 15 August 2008

early morning riser

who said UK weather was all wet?
totally incorrect..if you get up at 6am that is.

luckily I'm more fowl than owl and am quite happy to be up at dawn out on my bike and putting in the hard yards before anyone else in the village is awake, although today I'm running a bit later than long as I'm back in time to watch some track racing all is AOK

Yesterday's sufferfest was in front of the TV doing specific ergo efforts that really have to be done in a controlled environment, but today's is 80-90mins "steady" concentrating more on cadence than power.

The count down is getting very small: a week today I leave here and decamp to a Heathrow hotel. My flight departs for Munich at 0700 and since I think I have to be there 3 hrs ahead of take off, even staying that close will only lessen, not eliminate the challenge. In 12 days time its the TT and in 14 the RR.

The Tour of Germany visits the region commencing with a prologue in Kitzbuehl on the Friday and then on the Saturday they race part of the parcours we race on before heading off towards Germany, but sadly I wont be there to cheer them on...I will be on my way to Brussels.

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