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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A three county meander-Wilts, Berks and Oxfordshire

I think I found every hill in the area....

but when you end up on a bit of a side trip and find these idyllic can you complain too much?

Today's ride was to see the Uffington White Horse on the chalk downs which I duly did..including riding up a very steep approach road (that's the very sharp pointy bit dead centre of the graph), but any pix I took are poor in comparison to this:

Also the horse itself wasn't as white as it shows in the pix..needed abit of maintenance perhaps.

Then I rode once again through Lambourn..this time alongside where the horses train, although I was there some 5 or 6 hours later than they would have been, after which - masochistically, I had to ride up the hill I hooned down yesterday..but really..right now I'm light and strong, so it was good for me and not beyond my capability at all.

Later on, signs to Ramsbury tempted me away from my planned route and as they are wont to do..dumped me clueless in the midst of god knows where...the 1st sign said to Ramsbury and again at the 2nd one and then..not..weird and very annoying.

Brit drivers, however, are the tops ....on narrow roads they wait behind you to make sure its safe to pass and I've only had 1 driver do the Aussie style pass ..the sort that leave you amazed you have any hair remaining on your right arm......

WRT being a tourist, I rather wish I hadn't started looking up..signs are bad enough, but now I'm on a sorta roof-roll!..this lot from Bishopstone, on my way out to Uffington

and then of course I just had to keep on going and going......and there will be more, cos I spotted a roof pheasant, a roof squirrel and a roof donkey when I was out walking the dogs..but hadn't got the camera , so I'll just have to go back

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