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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Excursion to Dick Francis territory

Today's ride was to be an endurance one, so I marked out a route on that would occupy me for 2.5 hrs, going through cutesy places like Chilton Foliat (thatched cottages), notorious places like Hungerford, horsey places like Lambourn and finally back home with a side trip into Marlborough if I had time to spare. On my printed out map I added the road numbers..the A338 and the B4000 ( Ermin Street which is one of the great old Roman Roads), so when I got to Hungerford, I blindly followed the A338, tootling along happily untiil finally I worked out that the sun should not be where it was. Mutter, mutter, its early morning so the sun should be in the east and generally in the north..whoops, no the south!...and do I really want to go to Salisbury. Anyhow where is Salisbury..its not on my map. Doh! turn round retrace journey, revisit Hungerford and try again.....(!)

The route I took could be described as undulating..I seemed to do alot of sudden and rapid downhills, with more gentle but much longer uphills...memo to self..don't reverse the direction. There are some really weird place names...I mean, where did the name Hinton Parva come from for heavens sake? Passing through Ashbury, I saw a sign to the Uffington White Horse and was sorely tempted, but the weather was starting to frown on me and so I decided to make that another excursion..perhaps tomorow.

Generous people, these Brits!!!

and if you keep alert there are all sorts of details you'd miss if you were in a car....note the sky..
(!) its things like this that make me call my rides here "touring efforts"...stop..take pix.. start..repeat.
a final note regarding Wiltshire's tendency to have crop circles if there are any found in Ramsbury, it'll be due to the two dogs I'm minding...I've not quite worked out how to stop them cavorting in the wheat fields(!)

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