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Saturday, 16 August 2008

lazy day saturday

Today I was s 'posed to be going on a 90 min ride then driving to Bedford for more coaching and also SRM tuition....but fatigue has overtaken me and I've postponed everything.

So no training info, just a mini photo dump.
This first one is just to show that the sun does occasionally come out..taken at 7am, the second one is from the same place and is to show the local stone mushrooms that are along the nature strips outside some houses here in the Marlborough area. I *think* they originally were used to dry crops I think some of them are just to stop you parking on the grass

And this last pix is of genuine "free range" was a very big field, with so many pigs in it that when I first noticed it, briefly, very briefly, I thought they were pink sheep!!!!

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