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Friday, 11 July 2008


This week has been a cadence suffer fest . I managed to grovel through what I was asked to do and amazingly am still alive to tell the tale! However my concentration had to be total in order to maintain the higher cadences, so I have little confidence that this year's efforts at lifting my cadence are going to be any more successful than previous attempts.

My powertap HRM strap, which I got from Saris along with a wired SL CPU after hub service late last year, is currently dead courtesy of a corroded battery. The O ring was in place and it was hard to open up, so I'm assuming a faulty battery..dammit. Since I'm hiring a powertap wheel while I'm over in UK and since the exchange rate is better than it has been for a very long time, I checked their website to see the cost of a replacement to discover, to my horror, that the HR strap and CPU combo cost 210GB pounds! Picks self up of the floor. You gotta be joking! Did I read that right. it seems unbelievable. Pause while I check back to verify... yup that's correct.......

So, if Saris don't come to the party with a recovery method or a nice replacement strap, I'm going to be forced to use my Polar HRM if I want to know that metric.

Its now officially brass monkey weather here. Two days ago I ran a poll on how many people arriving at work did NOT complain how cold it was...none, nil, zero! That was the day I dragged out the scarf, gloves and beanie and wondered at the sanity of my colleague who rode into work..and yes I know it really wasn't all THAT cold, but 'cos our winters are fairly mild, we just don't have the clothes to deal with the sudden plummeting temps.

The forecast for tomorrow's TT is no rain and a bit chilly. Its a new TT course so I'll get there early and check it out; I'd like to ride the disc wheel , but need to ensure the road surface is ok 'cos of
all the rain we've had this week asI can't afford to damage wheels/get punctures this close to my departure date.

Travel stress is beginning to rear its ugly head, last night I dreamt one of my bike cases was opened up and the contents stolen in transit so when it arrived all I had was the case..shudder.

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